It took years for digital cinema to get out of the laboratory-science-project phase, many more than expected. Each year brought new surprises for each manufacturer. Large and small took hits, large and small spent ever more energy, time and money, and each contributed to making small details into system solutions.

The Studios, the Standards Committees, the Government, the Laws of Capitalism, the Laws of Physics, and several other supreme entities are all staring down at the manufacturer. They say “embedded”, they make Embedded. They say FIPS Compliant, they say, FIPS Compliant, yes sir. They say, we need it cheap enough to replace the 50 year old film system in Lower Oshkosh, they say...uh, how am I going to do that and support the system and keep research going and make a profit for the investors who have paid the way for the last ten years?


Manufacturers get the worst of the heat.

Let's see who they are and have been, and let's see what they are doing for us lately. Your appreciation of the past will help when you need to ask for something in the future.