Looking at the definition of audience, its use as "spectators" takes it beyond it origin, meaning "to hear". Yet the importance of hearing is going to be one of the main topics of this course - making certain that the deaf and hard of hearing, in addition to the visually impaired, can share in the vast cultural phenomena of being entertained in the movie theater.

Whether you agree with the need or not, many people come to many cinemas around the world and see a sign that says "No Deaf or Visually Impaired People Welcome". In the EU the governments have taken the premise and charters of the UN Declaration of Human Rights as law.

This course will go through the various solutions that have been developed to facilitate this in the d-cinema age. Whether you care about this because it is the polite thing to do, or because you have family members who want to watch movies with their friends and family, or because there is a huge potential audience that shouldn't have to wait for the closed captioned DVD, you need to know how this all goes together and what to look for as the science and art progresses.