A digital cinema system contains material whose copyrights must be protected. The desktop computer that you use for key delivery and master storage interfaces with the d-cinema system. As we discuss security, that desktop computer will be considered as well.

It is critical that you be able to read, understand and maintain expertise to ensure that nothing gets past your attitude constant alertness.

Everyone seems to know someone who can find and play a movie on the internet before it is released in the cinema theater. Dark and jerky, small and oddly edited, some people seem to like watching this way.

The advantage of moving movies around in digital form is tremendous. Nothing to get held up by Customs agents the week before the premier. No more scratches and color degradation from the intense heat and light of the projector. Add the savings in duplication costs and transport and storage, and don't forget the ecological savings from no more chemical processes (unless you discount the ecological costs of building hard disks.)

We cover Quality issues in other chapters. The dramatic flaw is that a perfect copy of the movie is an invitation to make another perfect copy, but out of the control of those who are responsible for protecting the copyrights and other assets of the entertainment industry.

This course deals with the details of Security; what has been done and what might go wrong.