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  • Stereographic 3D

    It's here. It's now. It is making more money per seat.

    What is it? What are the different types? What will make it better in the future?

    Are there real problems with some people's ability to see it comfortably? Are their real problems with health and safety?

    Too many questions to list. This course assists you as both you and 3D technology evolves with the future.

  • 3D Basics

    For all the work that went into the DCI Specification and Compliance Test Plan, the one page of the Stereoscopic Digital Cinema Addendum is striking for its brevity.

    Imagine if that was all there was to the subject.

    DOWNLOAD: DCI_Stereoscopic_DC_Addendum.pdf

  • 3D Sucks...light

    Many of us have been in and out of love with so-called 3D movies for a while now. When done right, they can be great. We'd be tempted to say "Brilliant", but that word has the meaning of Sparkling with luster; very bright. The major over-riding problem of with stereoscopic presentations is so bad that it deserves to be called by a modern syndrome name. How about Post-Lens Processing Syndrome.

    There are some bright spots on the horizon. But until they arrive, it is all the more important that every other adjustment is spot on to give the clients the best you have to offer.

  • Topic 3

    • 3D glasses Page
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  • Who ya gonna call...?

    Ghostbusting is an artifact of the process of trying to trick the brain into seeing more dimensions with a stereoscopic image. It used to be a much bigger problem, not only technical but logistical, but like many things in the d-cinema evolution, it has somewhat faded into the background.

    You should still know what it is so that if the gear ever goes wrong ("Impossible!", you say), you will have a couple clues of where to place the hammer.

    • Deconstructing DCI Stereoscopic Spec

      Big Topic; One Page. One figures it must be dense with nuance.

      Let's check.

      • Deconstruction of the DCI Stereoscopic Specification Page
        Restricted Not available unless: You achieve a required score in Course total
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