Don't Mean To Scare You, But...

We'll just start with that story of the US Military losing control of their systems. We'll have another lesson that deals with the differences of viruses and trojans and what is simply called 'malware' these days. We'll also go into more detail on the different ways they can be used.

The important details to notice is:

  • The biggest, baddest, most compliant and security conscience group got dinged.
  • In the course of that problem, the black hats [Security people talk in terms of Black hats and White hats] not only were able to poke around the initial system but were able to get into other systems...of other governments...because they were coming from 'trusted devices'.
  • It was all caused by a virus on a USB stick that someone put into their laptop, then the laptop got onto the network and then it got wild.

Read this article: Infected USB caused biggest US military breach ever

Take the test and get into the next lesson.

Last modified: Wednesday, 1 June 2011, 1:59 PM